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Offsite Meeting – Working AND Having Fun

Gathering the team members from all over the world is not an easy job, but we always make it a priority as the team is excited to reconnect with one another.  The last team meeting was in person and full of fresh ideas. We met in Belgrade, Serbia, and for a couple of days were working and having fun. Who knew it was possible?! (We did. That’s just how we roll.)

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Say “Cheeeeesee”

Well, you can see that taking a great team photo is hard while there are jokes all the time 🙂

Meeting in person brings a sparkle to our team that so often meets online. However, we didn’t want anyone to miss out on these meetings so team members that weren’t able to come to Belgrade joined us online (see the picture below).

skype meeting

Staying together as a team

We believe that we can contribute the most when our team members are happy and motivated. That brings creativity and ideas that the world hasn’t seen yet!

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Enjoying conversation

And about the mentioned ideas – we’ve already started to realize them. Next Friday we’re going to be at Gravely S.T.E.A.M Night! So, if you’re nearby – mark the 13th of March on your calendar, visit us, and check out what a-maze-ing things we’ve prepared for you! 🙂

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