Venessa S. 

Math, Biology, Physics, English Language and Test Prep Tutor

Working as a high school Mathematics and Biology teacher led me to develop a creative mindset and a passion for helping people grow and develop life-changing skills. My vast educational background provided me with stable grounds for understanding the methodology and principles required to teach children, teenagers, and adults. 

Teaching students of different ages and levels enabled me to discover a vast array of strategies to provide meaningful, real-life, relevant lessons that will ensure their engagement and success. 

I wholeheartedly strive to impact the next generations positively; therefore, I work hard to help students overcome the challenges of successfully learning new and complex concepts. Finding tremendous joy in the success of my students, I implement various strategies to make learning fun and engaging. Learning in such an environment leads to nothing but progress and triumph!


  • 12 years in face-to-face tutoring
  • 1 year in online tutoring
  • 4 years in school teaching

Interesting Facts

  • I teach yoga classes in the air!
  • My daughter and I have matching Gaelic tattoos


  • Bachelor of Science, in Mathematics & Biology 
  • Hons. in Physiology 
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education
  • 180 Hour (Level 5) TEFL Certificate
  • NLP Coaching Certificate