Staphnie H.

Science, Coding, Math, English Language, Statistics, SAT Subject Tests, Test Prep Tutor

As a child, I’ve always wondered about many different things. To this day, I still do.

The right side of my brain always played tug-of-war with the left but luckily for me, knowledge is boundless. Not only so, knowledge is beautiful and should never be daunting. It should be passed on from one person to another and developed into an understanding. This is why I teach, whether I realise it or not.

I have been helping students with different subjects since I was a student. I suppose this is because talking to a peer about something is much easier than talking to a teacher. From then, I’ve been gaining experience on the best ways to help students understand. I’ve worked with students between the ages of 3 and 75, each with their own unique personalities and learning challenges. The “one-size-fits-all” method, is to make the content relatable and fun. I believe that when a student is laughing, the student is making strong connection to the content and building more confidence in the subject.


  • 1 Year in-class tutoring
  • 2+ Years online tutoring
  • 7+ Years face-face tutoring

Interesting Facts

  • Speaks 4 languages and in the process of learning more
  • Has a cat named Kevin


  • Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (ongoing)
  • TESOL Certificate
  • AWS Machine Learning Foundations
  • DELF B2