Nobel Tutor Luiz

Luis C.

Math, Chemistry, Physics, SAT Subject Tests, Test Prep Tutor

Having trouble with Mathematics, Chemistry, or Physics? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve traveled the world teaching and helped so many others gain much-needed knowledge and overcome various learning difficulties. My tutoring experience actually started with volunteer courses within poor communities in Brazil, where I was tutoring Chemistry and Mathematics to students aged 15 and up to help them earn a high-school or college degree. This has helped me develop a well-organized line of thinking in order to explain complex concepts in much easier and simplified steps. Oh, and the fact that I’m from Brazil is only an added benefit, as my sessions can be held in either English, Spanish or Portuguese – you choose!


  • 3+ Years in Online Tutoring

Interesting Facts

  • Has traveled to or lived in more than 70 countries
  • Can tell a joke in at least 10 languages


  • Bachelor’s Degree, Chemical Engineering