Amber VN. 

English Language Tutor

Helping people has always been my passion, therefore I decided to study psychology and expand my horizons on various means of helping others. While searching for the most appropriate means of helping people learn, grow and harness their skills I have discovered my true passion – teaching.

Teaching English for a year has helped me understand that true learning happens only within a safe and supportive environment. Such an environment enables me to truly get to know my students, create a special bond with them and adapt my teaching methods according to their personalities and learning styles.

While helping my students learn, grow, and succeed, I find tremendous joy in simple things, such as the laughter and fun moments we share. However, one of the most important things my students have taught me is that my skills truly belong to one place only – the classroom.


  • 1 year in online teaching

Interesting Facts

  • I love animals!
  • My dream is to see every continent.


  • TEFL Certified
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Organizational Psychology