Nancy M., one of the coaches for Nobel Coaching and Tutoring.

Nancy M.

Academic & Test Prep Coach

As a retired School Counselor, I have seen so many students grow from uncertain and hesitant children to confident and successful young adults. In my 30+ years of experience in both the public and private sector, I have enabled students of all ages to find the inner strength and success toward overcoming various obstacles.

As a parent and grandparent, I have also personally experienced the challenges that all ages bring. This is to say that life and different experiences with students have helped me realize that hope is real and change is possible. While change is never easy, it does foster growth.

As for you and me, our common goal should always be one thing, and that is a better tomorrow!


  • 30+ years

Interesting Facts

  • Lived in New York, Michigan, Texas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana
  • Worked at a rape crisis center, suicide hotline, and community college
  • Passionate about fabric arts crafts and Western Country dancing


  • Bachelor and Master’s Degrees, Clinical Psychology
  • 5+ years of training in Constructivist Counseling and Psychotherapy