Maya B. 

Life & Career Coach

Although I’ve always felt psychology is my true calling, I started my career in the field of marketing research. I was intrigued when my then boss asked me to start recruiting and training new employees for the department – it gave me a whole new perspective of HR. After I got my boss’s strong recommendations in this area, new offers started to come in and I ended up in the IT industry. When I first introduced discretion rights to my HR practice (meaning that every employee can ask for a conversation that remains strictly confidential), everyone found it pointless, claiming they had nothing to hide or talk about privately. After a week, that proved to be somewhat false, and so, little by little, everyone I worked with began to request a discretionary agreement and schedule an hour’s talk. That’s how my coaching practice began.

Business is a very important part of life. We all need to work, to feel the energy of success, the power of motivation, the feeling of fulfillment when we have a productive day at work. The job and the call are what remain behind us, the heritage we leave for generations to come. At the same time, it offers numerous challenges, pitfalls, and stumbling blocks, and it’s normal for us to get stuck sometimes, and not know which way to go, no matter how much life and business experience we have. My job is to provide a creative, systematic, and strategic way to support my clients in finding out where they want to go and get there. Nothing makes me sadder than to see people spend a third of their lives in a place where they’re exhausted and miserable, and nothing makes me happier than when I see people who are accomplished and realizing their full potential.


  • 4+ years TA education
  • 5+ years HR and People Development

Interesting Facts

  • Casual gamer
  • Epic fantasy fan
  • Kickbox practitioner


  • MA in Psychology