Gea E. 

Mindset and Accountability Coach

You are everything you want to be in the making. How do I know? Because you are here, reading this page. You were curious about yourself, and you have taken the first step towards exploring your options to move forward. It is my pleasure to tell you about the option of partnering up with a coach. 

We coaches think of ourselves as gap analysts. We create a partnership with you, actively listen to you, identify your strengths and motivate you, while you get from where you are to where you want to be. I also like the term thinking partner and I always considered it a privilege to create a partnership with someone who desires to grow. 

The focus of accountability and mindset coaching is working together to find out what your main motivators are, take a peek at your authentic self, and develop an action plan that aligns with your core values and beliefs in order to raise the quality of your everyday life. The topic of each session is different and it can be anything from habits, time management, and career to relationships, equanimity, and fundamental wellbeing.

Now a question for you. What do you need to thrive?


  • 5+ years

Interesting Facts

  • I played the piano for 6 years
  • I’ve traveled to 45+ countries
  • If I wasn’t a psychologist, I would have become an astrophysicist


  • PhD candidate in Charismatic Leadership
  • Masters degree in Psychology
  • Coaching qualification from the London Coaching Academy