Daria B

Daria B. 

Academic, Life & Parent Coach

It’s really heart-warming to witness someone overcoming obstacles and achieving their goals. That’s why I’m truly grateful for being able to have one of the most rewarding professions of all! Coaching allows me to share compassion, understanding, and support with anyone willing to become the best version of themselves.

While working as a high-school teacher, I’ve had the chance to work with students not only on the lack of motivation or learning disabilities, but on their social and emotional struggles as well. My first rule as a coach is – always treat each student as an individual. Through an individualized approach, we can find a way through any challenge to help you achieve your full academic potential.

I also have a deep appreciation of the perspective of parents. Not only have I worked with dozens of parents in order to help them improve their relationship with their children, but I am myself a proud mother of two! That’s how I realized that the most important thing we should all aim for is constant growth. Our main goal should be to change for the better in order to help our kids thrive.


  • 5+ years

Interesting Facts

  • Speaks Serbo-Croatian, English and Italian
  • Loves travelling, dancing, paragliding and snowboarding
  • Plays flute


  • BA in Philosophy, MA in Communication
  • Certified Counselor of Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy