Maryke K.

Math, Chemistry, Physics, English Language, Statistics, SAT Subject Tests, Test Prep Tutor

Growing up, I saw people around me struggle with Mathematics and English because there weren’t many teachers who could explain it in an understandable way. That is why I decided to become a teacher myself and do my best to help others understand these subjects more easily. Every time a student of mine manages to solve a difficult problem on their own, my love for teaching grows.

I had my first students when I was 12 – they were my friends struggling in school. I have never stopped teaching since. I’ve had experience tutoring students with dyslexia, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorders. The greatest thing I learned as a teacher is that everyone is different when it comes to the way they learn. My students taught me that in order to be a good tutor, I must approach each person as an individual. Another important thing in my approach is building a trusting relationship with a student. I believe that trust leads to respect, and respect leads to a nurturing environment, an important basis for mastering any subject.


  • 8 years in face-to-face tutoring
  • 2 years in online tutoring
  • 1 year in school teaching

Interesting Facts

  • Used to play computer games professionally
  • Got to travel the world by being good at games


  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Psychology (ongoing)