Janet H.

Math Tutor

I thought I wanted to be a doctor, but after getting a chance to be a teaching assistant as an undergraduate, I realized that teaching was the calling I wanted to pursue for the rest of my life. Teaching isn’t just a job to me, but a pleasure as well. It’s a challenge and a joy to see each student as the individual they are. I love to figure out what makes them tick, what interests them, why they are struggling with the subject matter, and how to get through to them in a way that is specific to them and only them. It is my role as a teacher to make the subject matter not only interesting to each student but to present it in a manner that each student can understand. Every time I see a student have their aha moment where they finally understand the problem, I know I’ve chosen the right career. To me, nothing is more important than helping a student unlock their intellectual potential. Once a student does this, the sky’s the limit for them. I am looking forward to helping you realize your potential and enjoy math.


  • 15 years in school teaching
  • 5 years in online teaching
  • 2 years in-person tutoring

Interesting Facts

  • I love running and swimming.
  • I got to travel to Japan and Europe by playing Trumpet in a Marching Band.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics
  • Bachelor’s degree in Sociology
  • Master’s degree in Sociology