Andy K

Andy K.

English Tutor

I come from a family of mathematicians and my mother was surprised, to say the least, when I told her at only 13 years old that I wanted to go into the field of linguistics. While I was still in school, because all my friends knew how passionate I was about languages, they would often ask me to help them improve their grades. After realizing how much I enjoyed seeing them achieve their goals, I recognized teaching as a potential future profession. Now, I have more than three years of experience tutoring children and young adults at all levels of knowledge. What I love most about my job is that it allows my creativity to bloom and it makes me grow, too. I believe I learn something new from my pupils in each lesson I teach. Working with students with ADHD and autism, for example, showed me that every child learns in a different way and needs a specially crafted teaching method to help them achieve at the highest level. That became a blueprint for all my classes, as I strive to get to know each student’s personality, likes, and dislikes and then incorporate that knowledge into my materials. Let’s study English together and have fun doing it, too!


  • 2+ years in SAT, ACT & TOEFL prep
  • 3+ years in English tutoring

Interesting Facts

  • Speaks French and Spanish
  • Loves to play pool and go to the theater


  • Bachelor’s Degree, English Language, Literature, and Culture
  • Master’s Degree, English Language, Literature, and Culture