Andrea M

Andrea M. 

Academic & Life Coach

During my studies in the field of education, I became interested in the way people “function”. Working in the student counseling center “Let’s Talk About It” in 2017 gave me some answers. I gained insight into the typical problems specific to students, and I also realized that every individual (and their struggle) is unique, no matter how similar their issues may be. That’s why I use a different approach with each client – one most beneficial to that person in that moment.

In our sessions, I will guide you to strengthen your potential and your capacities. This newfound strength will enable you to solve future problems all by yourself! We all have the capacity and the potential to change behaviors that no longer contribute to our personal development – all we need is determination and some guidance.

The first session begins with a conversation about your struggles and expectations (in terms of therapy). After that, we’ll set goals that we want to achieve together. Human weakness does not lie in the quest for psychological help, but in the non-acceptance of oneself. People who call for help due to life challenges show mental strength, insight, and courage to face themselves, and our obligation as experts is to help by using all means available to science and practice.


  • 3+ years

Interesting Facts

  • Ex-volleyball player
  • Horseback riding novice
  • Occasional campfire guitarist
  • Lived in Malta


  • Practitioner in Transactional Analysis
  • BA in Special Education and Rehabilitation
  • 4+ years of TA Psychotherapy Training