Title:  Adviser

Accountable to: Head of Operations and Customer Relations

Time Investment:  Part Time (10-20 hours per week)

About Nobel Coaching & Tutoring:

Our company is focused on providing integrated coaching and tutoring service, offering to help ADHD and similarly challenged kids and their families a chance to succeed. We are looking for a person who can help us with the customer relations as the primary point of contact with the clients.


As a high-touch company, our Advisers will be responsible for the customer and employee support as the primary point of contact for schedule, billing concerns, account specific information or update and any other customer service and administrative support.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Customer Onboarding
  1. Responsible for contacting potential customers through phone and email to explain our services, answering questions related to our services and assessing the potential customers suitability to our services
  2. Responsible in facilitating customer-to-coach match and assignment
  3. Responsible in scheduling initial engagement between herself, coach and customer
  4. Responsible in sending registration email for newly converted customers
  5. Responsible for performing equipment and technology check for newly onboarded customers
  6. Responsible in facilitating customer-to-tutor match and assignment
  • Employee Support
  1. Provides support in creating session calendar invites between customers to coach/tutors based on their agreed schedule
  2. Provides support in troubleshooting issues related to the portal and database
  3. Provide in overriding functions and information in the team members’ portal accounts
  4. May provide support for generation of selected reports
  • Customer Relations
  1. Responsible for gathering optional feedback from customers about the service and the freelancers that they contracted with
  2. Responsible troubleshooting issues related to the portal and database
  3. Responsible in helping customers with their billing concerns
  4. Responsible in providing support for updating customers information in the database if they request for it

Measurement of Success:


Quality Assurance

Attendance and Schedule Adherence

Specific Requirements:

Educational Qualifications:

At least on his/her 3rd year of bachelor’s degree in Psychology or other Humanities-related course.

We give preferences to students taking their master’s degree.

Skill Requirements:

Clear communication and presentation skills

Ability to multi-task, prioritise, and manage time effectively

Strong phone contact handling skills and active listening

Ability to use “positive language”

Proficiency in use of technological tools and resources (eg. Google docs, calendar, etc)

Ability to work well as part of a team

Strong analytical and decision-making skills

Equipment/Technological Requirements

Reliable internet service with a preference in using wired connection when working

Computer equipment with at leash 4GB RAM

USB headset (mandatory requirement when accepted with the job)

Noise-free work environment

Experience Requirements:

No previous experience required.

We prefer applicants with previous experience in customer service, administrative support related jobs, and in working in virtual/remote set-up

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