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How to Motivate Children to Study

“I’m tired. I’ll do it later.” “I’ll do it tomorrow.” “It’s not such a big deal!” “I’m going to my friend’s now, but I’ll do it as soon as I get back!” If these excuses sound familiar to you, chances are you have a student at home who finds it hard to motivate themselves to […]

Test Anxiety – How Can We Help?

“What? I don’t know this one! I didn’t study it. The very first question and I don’t know the answer! And it’s happening again… my heart’s racing… I’m sweating so much I can’t hold my pencil…can’t catch my breath. I’m going to fail, I’ll never graduate, I’ll never get into college. My parents are going […]

Bullying: How to Recognize it and Build Resilience

Bullying is a very emotional topic for kids and parents alike. Unfortunately, we are used to hearing about bullying incidents that mostly happen during middle and high school, due to the biological, social, and emotional changes adolescents undergo during this period. [3] That being said, it’s important to emphasize that while bullying tends to be […]